Modular machines for nonwoven production, standard or customized

Airlay System MULTIline

Our TOP serie with high performance.
Pneumatic formation
Airlay for medium to heavy weights
Volumetric feeder
Airlay cardante per pesi medio-bassi.
Carding airlay with Doffer
Homogeneous opening and fiber orientation.
Multifunction fiber and dust

MULTIline Airlay combinations

The only airlay system that allows you to make from 20 to 20,000 gsm with any kind of fiber.
Former + Airlay P
Former + Airlay C
MULTIline system in complete configuration, for maximum versatility.
Former + Airlay P + Ailray D
Volumetric feeder + Airlay S

Thermal bonding machines

Thermal bonding machines for the nonwoven industry
TOP of the range oven, fully automatic, symmetrical for easy cleaning
Compact oven
For laminate, smoothing or pressing.

End of lines felts and needle punched

All solutions for cutting, winding, stacking, packaging and much more