Fully automatic winder

Fully automatic winder

Winders with or without cardboard core in conjunction with our combined longitudinal and transversal cutting, offer the possibility of cutting, threading, rolling, compacting and unloading the roll automatically on any type of material and consistency.




Winder mod. VAW:

  • Automatic cardboard core magazine and loading device.
  • Automatic roll start and roll discharge.
  • Pressing roller to obtain compact and uniform rolls.
  • Lateral cones or integrated semi-shafts to hold core + roll.


Other models:



Winder mod. A:

Suitable for needled materials




Winder mod. AW:

Suitable for soft materials such as wadding


Forks winder:

Suitable for high density and thick materials.





Axial winder:

Automatic straight or reverse rolling. Roll start and automatic unloading.



Manual winder:

Manual roll start and unloading.




Semiautomatic Winder:

Manual roll start and automatic unloading.



Simple winder on belt:

Manual roll start and unloading.

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