Airlay thermobonding line

Turnkey airlay line for non-woven production

Airlay thermobonding line

TECHNOplants is a supplier of leading-edge turn-key airlay lines for the nonwoven sector. 

The modular design of our patented MULTIline airlay system allows to produce an impressive scope of nonwoven products, unmatched by any other airlay system on the market and ranging from 20 to 20,000 gsm. 

An airlay line is the first and natural choice for processing recycled and waste fibers, coarse natural fibers, breakable mineral fibers and non-fibrous components such as resins, foam pieces, shredded cardboard, recycled leather. 

At the same time our airlay lines are ideal for man-made fibers of any length and fineness, thanks to the carding modules of our MULTIline airlay system. 

TECHNOplants airlay lines compete with traditional nonwoven lines, such as card and crosslapper systems and direct carding systems, allowing to improve the line performances in terms of productivity and unique flexibility, combined with low investment, operation and maintenance costs. 

TECHNOplants can take care of all the implementation stages of the airlay line – from design and engineering to start-up and production support – and guarantees the line quality and performances. 

At TECHNOplants technical center customers have the possibility to verify the reliability of our technologies and to produce samples with their own raw materials.


  • Thermobonding
  • Needle punching
  • Chemical bonding
  • Resin curing and semi-curing and combinations of all the above


  • Unique flexibility from 20 to 20,000 gsm
  • High productivity up to 1000 kg/h/m (kg/h per meter of width)
  • For process of synthetic, natural and recycled fibers, as well as non-fibrous materials. In the same line, without any mechanical adjustment
  • Three-dimensional web structure: horizontal, vertical or isotropic
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Man-made fibers (polyester, polypropylene, viscose, …)
  • Natural fibers (cotton, wool, hemp, flax, sisal, jute, wood, …)
  • Mineral fibers (carbon, glass, basalt, …)
  • Reclaimed textile wastes and shoddy fibers
  • Any kind of recycled waste (leather, cardboard, cellulose, …)
  • Non-fibrous components (foam pieces, chips, plastics, …)


  • Mattresses and furniture
  • Foam replacement
  • Waddings and interlinings
  • Automotive
  • Building, decorative insulation
  • Packaging insulation
  • Filtration
  • Abrasive
  • Wood replacement
  • Hygiene
Which fibers can you transform with this machine:​
Airlay for medium to heavy weights
Carding airlay with Doffer
Multifunction fiber and dust
MULTIline system in complete configuration, for maximum versatility.
TOP of the range oven, fully automatic, symmetrical for easy cleaning
Compact oven
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