C_multiline c Airlay cardante per pesi medio bassi

The Airlay unit mod. c works with a combination of several carding cylinders clothed with rigid wires, followed by a top + bottom air shaping system. The airlay card model C allows the maximum fiber opening degree among the MULTIline range of machines, making it particularly suitable for nonwovens with light and medium gsm, starting […]


D multiline CARdatore a pettine3

The airlay card mod. D works on the same principle of the airlay card mod C. In addition to the standard top + bottom air suctions in exit, the airlay card in this version is equipped with a doffing system similar to the one of traditional roller cards. The doffing system allows to produce light […]

Multiline FC

FC multiline airlay

With the FC combination the fibers are more worked and more open than the combination with only pre-carding. 

Multiline FPC

The Airlay system MULTIline is designed to form nonwoven products from all types of libers: long synthetic fibers, coarse natural fibers, short recycled fibers, breakable mineral fibers and non-fibrous components such as resins, foam pieces, shredded cardboard, recycled leather. All fibers can be processed in the same airlay MULTIline machine, in the same line and […]