h MULTIline airlay Airlay per pesi medio-alti

The airlay unit MULTIline mod. h is particularly designed for basis weights from medium to heavy and extremely heavy. Opening action thanks to a drum clothed with steel pins.  Particularly suitable for short fibers, coarse natural fibers and non-fibrous mixes, but it can accept any kind of fiber. It can be integrated into our MULTIline […]


p airlay

The airlay card model P performs a homogeneous opening and blending of the fibers thanks to its first section composed of carding cylinders; at the same time it allows to obtain nonwovens of medium and high basis weights, thanks to a particularly powerful and wide-adjustable suction system in exit.  The combination of these two characteristics […]


Special design that allows the aerodynamic web formation of fiber mixes or fiber + powder mixes, all in one machine. Unlike with traditional airlay technologies, using the airlay card mod. S there isn’t the need to set up two separate lines – one dedicated to resin curing and one to bonding with low melt fibers […]

Multiline FPC

The Airlay system MULTIline is designed to form nonwoven products from all types of libers: long synthetic fibers, coarse natural fibers, short recycled fibers, breakable mineral fibers and non-fibrous components such as resins, foam pieces, shredded cardboard, recycled leather. All fibers can be processed in the same airlay MULTIline machine, in the same line and […]

MULTIline LS + Powder system

Combination special designed to be used with all grain sizes: seeds, powders, granules, resins.. The fibers and powder are intimately mixed and uniformely distributed.