h MULTIline airlay Airlay per pesi medio-alti

The airlay unit MULTIline mod. h is particularly designed for basis weights from medium to heavy and extremely heavy. Opening action thanks to a drum clothed with steel pins.  Particularly suitable for short fibers, coarse natural fibers and non-fibrous mixes, but it can accept any kind of fiber. It can be integrated into our MULTIline […]


p airlay

The airlay card model P performs a homogeneous opening and blending of the fibers thanks to its first section composed of carding cylinders; at the same time it allows to obtain nonwovens of medium and high basis weights, thanks to a particularly powerful and wide-adjustable suction system in exit.  The combination of these two characteristics […]


Special design that allows the aerodynamic web formation of fiber mixes or fiber + powder mixes, all in one machine. Unlike with traditional airlay technologies, using the airlay card mod. S there isn’t the need to set up two separate lines – one dedicated to resin curing and one to bonding with low melt fibers […]

Multiline FP

fb multiline

For delicate, easily breakable fibres, such as glass and coconut. For medium-high weights and synthetic, natural, recycled fibres.. From 200 to 10,000 g/m²

Multiline FPC

The Airlay system MULTIline is designed to form nonwoven products from all types of libers: long synthetic fibers, coarse natural fibers, short recycled fibers, breakable mineral fibers and non-fibrous components such as resins, foam pieces, shredded cardboard, recycled leather. All fibers can be processed in the same airlay MULTIline machine, in the same line and […]

MULTIline LS + Powder system

Combination special designed to be used with all grain sizes: seeds, powders, granules, resins.. The fibers and powder are intimately mixed and uniformely distributed.

Stacking unit

The Technoplants stacker has been designed to take the felt panels coming from the cutting unit and arrange them one above the other on a stack. High stacking precision and double stacking position to meet the strictest tolerances and the highest speeds. Continuous stacking cycles even during unloading of the full stack of panels. Number […]