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Laboratory Lines

The laboratory system is the smaller version of our production lines.
At the beginning laboratory systems were destined to the fiber preparation industry. Such a machine served the scope of testing new fiber and color mixes. The system was composed of a small carding machine and of a big roller, on which the fiber web was wrapped.
As the years passed the laboratory system evolved and new machines (such as crosslappers, pre-needle looms and winders) were added. The original system has then changed into a miniature production equipment suitable for small productions of high quality felts and pads to be used in the cosmetics industry, medical industry and for the research of new biotechnologies.
Many years of consolidated experience in constructing equipments for exacting and technologically advanced sectors, together with TechnoPlants ability of working almost on job orders, allow us to satisfy every specific and customized need of our customers.

Students training
Small productions
Research and development

Application fields

Application fields

    • R&D divisions
    • Universities and research centers
    • Training lines
    • Small volume, high value productions
    • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
Main features

Main features

    • The machines can be in compliance with cleanroom standards
    • Possibility to add cutting and winding equipment
    • Management of all the line by control panel
    • Customization according to client requirements
Data sheets

Data sheets

    • Working widths: from 200 mm
    • Line speed: up to 10 m/min (standard)
    • Type of lines: needle punching / thermobonding / spunbond / coating

Fields of activity