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Fiber ball machine

Technoplants fiber shaping unit is suitable for transforming (polyester) previously opened fibers into small balls.

Hourly production: about 300 Kg/h per machine.

Technoplants created a line for the production of thermobonded mattresses starting from fiber balls. The resulting material, which we called Fiberfoam, is characterized by an elevated resilience in the three dimensions and allow to use them for insulation, furniture, filtration...

The production line for fiberfoam products can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Bale opening, blending and fine opening of the fibers
  2. Shaping of the fiber balls in the ball making machine
  3. Conveying of the ball shaped fibers to a forming device, in order to obtain a continuous mattress
  4. Calibration and bonding of the product inside the thermobonding oven
  5. Cutting to size, rolling or stacking, according to the final application.

Insulation, pillows, fiberfoam products Insulation, furniture, bedding, filtration

Range of fibers

Range of fibers

    Unlike other types of ball making machines, thatcan use just conjugated hollow fibers, Technoplants ball shaping machinemanages a wide range of ordinary fibers, such as polyester or wool.

Non-stop pillow filling

Non-stop pillow filling

    The machine allows the continuous filling of pillows, contrarily to theusual batch filling processes.

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